SPECTRUM supports your team to create a digital marketing campaign delivered directly to your optimised targeted audience.

We have developed a full digital marketing service to ensure your message reaches the right audience through the relevant platform using optimised digital content.  Using our unique eight-stage approach, we will develop a digital marketing strategy and manage this from conception, production through to activation. 

Our Eight Stage Approach



Our first step is to conduct an AUDIT of your market, we look at what you and your competitors are doing. We will review digital and traditional media to gain a detailed understanding of your positioning and marketing message.  The data we collect will inform our approach and guide our recommendations.



A key part to a successful campaign which maximises impact, is to have team wide OBJECTIVES.  Drawing on our audit we will work with your team to identify the core objectives defined by audience demographic, views and conversions.



Our creative team will work with you to develop a campaign which works for your BRAND.  Through mood and story boards, idea development and scripting we will establish an approach which will deliver the key marketing message to your audience.



Bringing together the learning gained through the AUDIT, the agreed OBJECTIVES and our CREATIVE approach will be develop and implement a new digital content marketing strategy.



Whether the creative vision is a live video shoot, animation or photographic shoot, we have the team, experience, capacity and knowledge to produce any digital creative.



Here we stitched together all elements and build EDITS, ANIMATIONS, CGI or VFX. We can add sound, voice overs, music and complete a colour grading to ensure a fully stylised look.



We will manage the release of your campaign, providing digital delivery to any platform including BROADCAST, CINEMA or ONLINE.  Our team can provide you with status reports as your campaign goes LIVE.



We work with you on the release of your campaign, using CONTENT MAPPING and ANALYSIS to ascertain targets and ad spends giving you detailed reports through your social media and video platforms on how the campaign is PERFORMING. 


SPECTRUM offers marketing teams and departments the opportunity to include digital marketing strategy creation and activation alongside video production to ensure that the right message reaches the right audience through the appropriate platform. If you would like to create a holistic digital marketing campaign including strategy, production and activation please get in touch.