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Sound Post available independently or as part of a package

The CINOVA post-production team understand the importance of good quality sound.  Recording crisp clear audio on location and combining this with sound effects and music during a mixing session ensures your content or commercial is of the highest standard.

Sound is often forgotten yet it remains a significant element of any content or commercial.  Everyone will notice poor sound when its present and whilst many productions ensure the image is captured to the highest technical and creative standards, sound is often a secondary consideration.  It is important to record crisp clear sound on location using the appropriate microphones and recording equipment which can then be mixed with voice over, music and sound effects as part of a sound design session.

We have an in-house sound design studio and recording booth for voice over.  We know that good quality sound must accompany any videos we produce and our sound team can create bespoke effects to enhance any content or commercial.

Our delivery options include stereo or 5.1 sound design optimised for the distribution platform, broadcast network or theatrical release.  Talk to use about your creative brief and the technical delivery requirements. 


We  have a range of Sound Designers and Editors who can create amazing sounds and score to enhance any commercial or content. 


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or briefs you’d like to discuss.  We are always happy to talk through your creative ideas:



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CINOVA has an experienced team with full end-to-end solutions from content strategy, through to script writing, story boarding, animation and production. We have a full in-house post-production team including VFX, Colour Grading, Sound Design and Animation.  With a range wide range of services our team can produce content and commercials for any platform to maximise your marketing budget.

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