Scripting Sets the Tone for All Productions

Cinova offers a wide range of services available independently or as part of a package.

Our creative writers can work with clients throughout the UK from our bases in Bournemouth and Basingstoke to write dynamic scripts for your content or commercial.

Scripting is a key part of any production, it sets the tone and structure for a video.  Whether the content or commercial has a narrative, documentary or animation style the script is an essential starting point for any creative process.

A great script can portray the emotion of the piece and it ultimately leads the narrative and style of the film.  These decisions are made at the scripting stage to save money during the more costly production stage.  Ideas can be discussed and evolved to ensure the script is concise and poignant. Great content or commercials have at their core a fully developed script to a similar standard as seen on TV show or in a movie.  If you want your content to make an impact, your script has to stand out.  

Our writers can also create copy for radio commercials and social media posts or blogs to fully support an integrated marketing campaign.

Whether you would like us to develop a script from a black page or you have a brief or spark of an idea we can work with you and your team to create a powerful script for any production.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or briefs you’d like to discuss.  We are always happy to talk through your creative ideas:

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CINOVA has an experienced team with full end-to-end solutions from content strategy, through to script writing, story boarding, animation and production. We have a full in-house post-production team including VFX, Colour Grading, Sound Design and Animation.  With a range wide range of services CINOVA can produce content and commercials for any platform to maximise your marketing budget.

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