Impactful Training Videos

Creative services available independently or as part of a package

Training and educational videos allow people to retain and recall more information. On average 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Training videos can save considerable resources and be interactive, allowing the viewer to progress at their own pace and be used over and over again. 

CINOVA has created training videos for AMIGO LOANS, LV= and HSBC using drama, documentary and animation alongside traditional training content to communicate information to viewers.

With hubs in Bristol, Bournemouth and London, Cinova works with clients across the UK and internationally. Whether you would like us to pitch you an idea, evolve your own creative or work with your creative marketing agency, we have CREATIVE capacity to support and produce any idea.


Our award-winning directors can work with you to develop a pre-existing creative concept or pitch ideas for an original video-marketing campaign. 


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At CINOVA our team are highly experienced and are able to provide services to clients at every stage of the creative process. We cover content conception, campaign strategy, storyboarding, script writing, animation production, post-production and distribution. Our post-production services are cutting-edge, including VFX, CGI, colour grading, sound design and animation. CINOVA creates content and commercials for a wide range of platforms, helping our clients to make the most out of their marketing budgets. 

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