Cinova offers a wide range of services available independently or as part of a package


Cost effective high-end studio shoots.

CINOVA has access to studios and sound stages throughout the UK including London, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh and our producers and directors have worked in studios creating content and commercials for brands like BT, MIZUNO and HSBC.

Location shooting is great for many things but there are challenges, a huge number of elements are outside of productions control.  By hiring a studio or sound stage the production team have complete control over lighting, set, sound and the weather!

Filming within a studio allows the production to break free from the constraints of reality.  The vision can include bold, eye-catching aesthetics, the style can be more abstract and suggestive, creating something more engaging.

Whether you would like us to manage the entire production process or work with your creative team or agency, we have CREATIVE capacity to support and produce any idea

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or briefs you’d like to discuss.  We are always happy to talk through your creative ideas:

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Years of experience
In The Industry

CINOVA has an experienced team with full end-to-end solutions from content strategy, through to script writing, story boarding, animation and production. We have a full in-house post-production team including VFX, Colour Grading, Sound Design and Animation.  With a range wide range of services CINOVA can produce content and commercials for any platform to maximise your marketing budget.

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