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Cinova offers a wide range of services available independently or as part of a package.

At Cinova we specialise in creating emotional, intimate effective videos for charities and the third sector.  Our team have worked with organisations including the Hampshire Cultural Trust, Essex Cancer Research And Brockenhusrt College.

Whether you are trying to increase awareness or raise funds, a charity video has the power to create a strong emotional response in the viewer, whilst presenting them with real and convincing information about your cause.  All great charity videos require a strong narrative structure. A good story sets up a clear goal or quest, contains obstacles and challenges to overcome and suggests a possible resolution.

A powerful charity video includes real people through interviews, personal accounts or testimonials. The Cinova team have experience filming genuine, natural and unscripted interviews ensuring the final video is intimate and engaging.

Whether you would like us to pitch you an idea, evolve your own creative or work with your creative marketing agency, we have CREATIVE capacity to support and produce any idea.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or briefs you’d like to discuss.  We are always happy to talk through your creative ideas:

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Cinova has an experienced team with full end-to-end solutions from content strategy, through to script writing, story boarding, animation and production. We have a full in-house post-production team including VFX, Colour Grading, Sound Design and Animation.  With a range wide range of services Cinova can produce content and commercials for any platform to maximise your marketing budget.

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